Jobs easier to come by today

President Donald Trump will likely be smiling when he talks about jobs. Because the numbers say jobs aren’t as hard to get as they used to be.

In fact unemployment is at its lowest level since 1988. Patrick Jankowski with the Greater Houston Partnership says the uptick nationally has led to positive growth right here in Houston.

“At this time last year, the Houston economy was approaching the low point. Since September we’ve been adding jobs and adding them consistently,” Jankowski explained

So where are the jobs, and where will they be long term? Jankowski says you can look to old reliable again; oil jobs are making a comeback after the downturn.

“Long term oil and energy are great bets for Houston. But you have to accept the fact that it’s a cyclical industry and that there will be ups and downs in a thirty year career,” Jankowski said.

But there is bad news though if you're in healthcare. Jankowski says the industry is having some issues right now, and that's likely due expansion that was done faster than maybe it should have been. Those challenges will be felt in the short term.

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