Is Jimmy Kimmel oversimplifying healthcare?

It seems like everywhere you go people are still talking about the heart wrenching monologue Jimmy Kimmel recently gave on his show about health care. It even brought out Louisiana Senator and Republican Bill Cassidy, who told Kimmel his plan to give everyone healthcare even if they can’t afford it was on the “right track.”

What Cassidy didn’t say was that what Kimmel and others on the left want is easier said than done.

Roger Abramson, a health care expert with AmeriFlex says what Kimmel wants sounds great, but there isn't a perfect plan that's out there. At least there isn't one that's been created yet.

“They all involve tradeoffs. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Somebody somewhere pays for everything,” Abramson explained.

And Phil Klein at the Washington Examiner told KTRH that what you're not hearing about from the mainstream media is the fact that Obamacare has some pretty big holes in it.

“Under Obamacare not everyone gets to have all the coverage they want,” Klein explained. “There are 26 million people who are uninsured under Obamacare.”

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has said that number will go up to 28 million over the next decade. And insurance companies like Aetna now say they are pulling out of Obamacare exchanges by next year.

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