Good Jobs Still Scarce for College Grads

Thousands of college students graduating this month or next still face some challenges when looking for their first job. That first paycheck may be disappointingly tiny.

Michael Rose is CEO of Mojo Media Labs. He says job seekers need to be more proactive and involved as they try to jump-start their careers.

“Where can you add to the bottom or the top line of the business? Where do you fit in on the profit-and-loss statement? Learn what a profit-and-loss statement is,” Rose advises. ?”Understand how your role affects that -- and sell yourself.”

There are more jobs available right now, but competition is pushing the wages lower. Selling yourself involves showing the recruiter or HR person tangible values you can offer the company.

The old jokes about art appreciation degrees being a waste of time are starting to hit home. Rose has more advice for students and their families.

“Recognize that challenge that not everybody can build a fantastic career on art,” he says, pointing out that considering what return on your investment you can expect should be a part of the major-choosing process.

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