POLL: Your Drive to Work is more Dangerous than You Think

America has a record number of cars, trucks and SUVs with unfixed safety recalls and in many cases, there's nothing we can do about it.

KTRH Car Pro Jerry Reynolds says most of the safety recalls are about air bags.

"The big problem for consumers is the fact that there are not enough parts to fix these cars, especially in that air bag situation."

Reynolds says some air bags are ticking time bombs.

"It's not that the air bag doesn't go off -- it's that it does go off and when it does go off it it sprays shrapnel into the driver."

More than 63-million cars, trucks and SUVs have unfixed safety recalls.

"This is not gonna be over soon; I said on the air when this thing first started to break a couple of years ago, this thing will go five years before it's solved and maybe even longer."

Reynolds says about all you can do is just be vigilant and be extra cautious until your safety issue is fixed.

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