ACLU issues ‘travel alert’ for Texas

The ACLU does not like the new anti-Sanctuary Cities bill Governor Abbott just signed into law a few days ago.

The ACLU issued a travel alert for anyone coming to Texas, telling people visiting the state to "anticipate the possible violation of their constitutional rights when stopped by law enforcement." Elizabeth Theiss of Stop the Magnet, a Houston anti-illegal immigration group, says that's over the top.

“It’s part of the outrage. It’s not based in law. They need to read the law and read the federal codes again,” Theiss said.

ACLU Texas Executive Director Terri Burk told KTRH it's not an overreach on their part, and they stand behind the alert they issued.

“I don’t think we overstepped out bounds. We feel that if you travel to Texas and you look like a foreigner you are probably going to be asked to prove your status,” Burke explained.

The new law goes into effect September first.

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