POLL: Political Differences are Killing Some Relationships

The never-ending debate over President Donald Trump has moved past bar-room arguments, protests and radio talk shows. Now, it's ending marriages.

KTRH legal expert Chris Tritico says the problem hits almost everybody.

“It's the polarization of America,” Tritico says, “and it's happening from Congress all the way to our individual relationships.”

We might have seen this coming.

“That divide in the country is really down to a divide in marriages,” he says, “so it's not surprising that you're seeing an uptick in divorces.”

Researchers say one in 10 American couples has ended things over this, and that rate more than doubles to 22% when it comes to millennials. Forty-three percent of millennials who didn't vote for Donald Trump say they at least considered divorce if their partner did vote for him.

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