PODCAST: HPD Chief Acevedo will reluctantly enforce SB4

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo is one of the Texas law enforcement officials that have expressed their unhappiness that SB4, the anti-Sanctuary Cities bill, was signed into law by Texas Governor Greg Abbott over the weekend.

Acevedo says he will enforce the law but will do so reluctantly. He joined KTRH’s Matt Patrick on Houston’s Morning News and explained why he feels this way.

“It criminalizes leadership. Cities should be are best positioned to understand what the challenges are determine their own priorities,” Acevedo said.

At the end of the day, Acevedo told Patrick we might be putting too much on the plate of police officers.

“We can’t tell officers to play ICE agents at Home Depot with day laborers. That just sets up the cops for failure,” Acevedo stated.

The new law was signed during a Facebook Live session by the Governor on Sunday night and will go into effect on September first.

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