Pro-Business Moves at EPA, Interior May Help Texas

Pro-business policies under the Trump administration are behind changes at the Environmental Protection Agency and the Interior Department.

Bureaucratic agonizing over "man-made global warming" is being replaced with business-friendly people and policies at the EPA and Interior.

The change is welcomed by Texas oil and gas producers.

“The new administration has turned things around 180 degrees,” Texas Alliance of Energy Producers President Alex Mills tells NewsRadio 740 KTRH.

Mills agrees with EPA chief Scott Pruitt, who is not convinced that carbon dioxide from human activity drives climate change.

The EPA and Interior Department are purging certain committees and staff of carryover activists from the Obama years.

Mills says potential roadblocks like carbon dioxide regulations and directives tied to man-made climate change stand to be removed.

Meanwhile, the Interior Department is reviewing more than 200 advisory boards, committees and other groups with departmental ties because of a new philosophy in the White House.

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