Old Tech: Have You Forgotten?

Twenty-first Century life is changing rapidly and things which were so normal 10-to-20 years ago, we barely remember now.

How long since you wrote a letter? Do you stop at a gas station to ask for directions? How about going to the store?

Michele Price is CEO of Growth Hacking CMO and she does most of her shopping online.

“The customer service is horrible and nobody can ever answer your questions,” Price explains. “Then, when you finally make a purchase decision of what you want, they don't have it in stock. So, yes, I have been an Amazon customer for years.”

If she has a question, she doesn't call a friend. She Googles it, and nobody uses a dictionary to find out how to spell a word anymore.

Some people don’t even know their own phone number any more – not naming names, of course.

“One time I actually transposed digits,” she admits. “I don't know, I don't dial myself.”

And, back to Google.

“I find that I don't even ask friends the same kind of questions any more.”

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