Not many of you trust the federal government

This may not come as a shock to you, but your trust in the federal government is at near historic lows.

These new numbers come from the Pew Research Center. Just 20 percent of you say you trust the government to do what's right 'always' or 'most' of the time. UH political scientist Brandon Rottinghaus explains why that might be.

“Things that drive down the approval of government are things like gridlock, polarization and partisanship,” Rottinghaus explained.

He adds the mainstream media can play a role, too.

“If the narrative in the media is that things are bad, people are going to pick up on that,” Rottinghaus said.

55% of you say you're frustrated. 22% say you're angry. Dale Huls with the Clear Lake Tea Party is one of the ones who is frustrated, and tells KTRH his frustration is with establishment Republicans.

“They should have had their agenda and not lay it all on Trump,” Huls said. “They finally get the power and now they can’t do anything.”

The number of you saying you have no confidence in the federal government is at 28%, up from 15% two years ago.

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