Nuclear tensions spark feat over World War III

America has butted heads with Syria, Russia and North Korea this year, leading some to have fears about a possible World War III.

So if we get to a World War III what would it look like. Rick Stoll is a political scientist specializing in the international realm, and tells KTRH it could be bad; really bad.

“The ultimate would be a nuclear war against Russia. I can’t see that in terms of North Korea. It’s vaguely possible with Syria,” Stoll explained.

And the Syria scenario is one that Stoll says could lead to millions of deaths. The Doomsday Clock was set this year at two and a half minutes to midnight. Rachel Bronson is the Executive Director at the Bulletin for Atomic Scientists and admits they have discussed another update this year.

“Absolutely there is. Our board is meeting in a few weeks. This will very much be a topic of conversation. We have been talking about it,” Bronson stated.

But she says despite what the mainstream media will say this isn't a function of President Trump. It reflects how erratic other world leaders, like Kim Jong Un of North Korea, are.

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