Millennials Drift Away from Religion

God and Christianity are falling out of favor with the millennial generation. It's not a new thing, but it is happening more now than it has before.  

Is religion dying?  Catholic League President Bill Donohue doesn't think so.  He points to social pressure from a secular society which might intimidate them.

“I have to think at least some of those millennials, who are reporting they have no religion,” Donohue speculates, “are almost afraid and defensive about declaring their faith.”

One in four millennials says he or she is affiliated with “no religion.”

Younger generations in the past have drifted away after leaving their home, but they usually return to some level of involvement when they mature or have a family.

There’s a lot of pressure now against declaring a faith.  The problem is magnified on college campuses. 

“I'm talking militant secularization,” he says, “where people can't feel free to express their faith on the campus without fear of penalty, is astonishing.”

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