Texas students may be required to take a citizenship test

Texas could soon require public school students to pass a citizenship test.

The Texas House tentatively approved a bill, HB 1776, on Wednesday. It replaces a U.S. History end of course exam and replaces it with a civics test similar to one immigrants must take to become citizens. Randy Willis of the Texas Association of Rural Schools told KTRH he's been pushing for this for a long time.

“I’ve advocated it for the last year or so. It has caught on. I’m excited about it personally,” Willis said.

Willis says part of the problem is that students are not taught enough about the subject; right now it's only a six month course.

“We need a yearlong course in government. From my perspective, that would be really appropriate in this day and age,” Willis explained.

So how would you do on this citizenship test? We've posted a sample one here.

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