Clock is Ticking Texas’ Bathroom Bill, Others

 Texas Governor Greg Abbott says he's "getting his signing pen warmed up."  The State Legislature passed a ban on sanctuary cities.  Once the governor signs the bill, it will take effect on September first.

The measure requires cities to comply with federal immigration detainers.  City leaders who refuse to cooperate can face jail time themselves.   

The bill also allows law enforcement to ask about the immigration status of those who are being detained.

The Texas Senate passed an anti-sanctuary cities bill late Wednesday, but several high-profile issues are still unresolved with less than four weeks remaining in the legislative session.

For starters, the so-called "bathroom bill" remains stuck in a House committee.

"They would have to vote it out of that committee, then send it to the Calendars Committee that puts things on the House agenda, and get it to the full House by Thursday of next week," says Ross Ramsey, executive editor of the Texas Tribune.

School vouchers, border security, and road funding also is still up in the air.

"Looks like the highways are going to get $4.7 billion in new funds that voters directed in that way in a constitutional amendment in November of 2015 when we all went to the polls and said more orange cones," says Ramsey.

Both chambers also are fighting over the state's Rainy Day fund and how to increase money for the foster care system.

"The state wants to make sure the kids who are supposed to be in state care are taken care of, but there are some differences over details, both in the way the policy is carried out and slighter differences in the amount of money the legislature wants to spend."

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