ALIPAC Rescinds Trump Endorsement

As promised, a top anti-immigration group has pulled its support for President Donald Trump.

The Americans for Legal Immigration PAC made good on its promise this week to rescind its endorsement of Trump if he did not reverse Obama's DACA amnesty of immigrant children born outside the U.S.

"If you abandon Donald Trump because he's too liberal for your taste on immigration, there are no remaining alternatives, so I think most of his remaining supporters will stay with him," says Dr. Matthew Wilson, a political science professor at Southern Methodist University.

Wilson says Trump is able to strike down DACA with a stroke of his pen, but he calls it a sensitive subject.  He says many Trump supporters, like the president himself, are quickly learning the checks and balances of American government.

"The president has to deal with Congress, he has to deal with the courts, he has to deal with state governments that also have power, and there's an entrenched federal bureaucracy staffed to a large degree with career appointees who he can't just fire or replace," he says.

"Barack Obama wanted to liberalize immigration policy even further and the courts prevented him from doing it," he says.  "So this can cut both ways, in either a liberal or conservative direction."

Wilson points out illegal border crossings are still down, even without a border wall.

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