Student Loan Debt Situation Not Improving

The burden of student loan debt is a reality for most Texas college graduates.  They take that diploma they've just earned and start their very first job, and often find they can't pay their bills. 

Houston CPA Michael Parmet says the same story is repeated over and over.

“We have so many students coming out with 100-thousand or more of college debt and start out with a salary in the 20-to-30-thousand dollar range,” Parmet says, “making it very difficult to repay these college loans.”

The average student loan balance in Texas is a little over 27-thousand dollars.  That has families looking for other ways to pay for college, or save a little on tuition.

“Save some money by going to a junior college, if financing is an issue,” he says, “because we have so many students coming up with 100-thousand, or more, of college debt.”

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