Student From Katy Among UT Students Stabbed

A student from Katy was one of the people injured in the campus stabbings on the University of Texas campus in Austin on Monday.

Stuart Bayliss is one of three people injured in the random knifings. A fourth person, freshman Harrison Brown of Graham, Texas, died in the attack.

Bayliss, an engineering student and a member of the ROTC, is recovering in the hospital.

Student Kendrex White, 21, was arrested after the attack.

"This was not a conspiracy,” UT Police Chief David Carter said. “This was not a person who had a vendetta against any particular group.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up in Bayliss’ name.

“He sustained multiple injuries that will require months of healing and physical therapy,” according the GoFundMe page, which seeks to raise money to offset medical bills not covered by insurance. “Stuart went through a 5+ hour surgery and was kept in ICU overnight. He had major surgery on his right hand. They had to repair 7 severed tendons, 2 severed nerves and 2 severed main blood vessels in his middle finger. They also removed a clot from the stab wound on his lower right back and packed it. Prior to that, he had surgery to repair his right lumbar artery.”

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