Now Even Small Countries are going Phishing

A phishing attempt -- spelled with a ‘ph’ -- is when a tempting email contains a malicious attachment or link that, if clicked on, will harm your computer. Phishing attempts are nothing new, but they may be more popular than ever.

Alert Logic security evangelist Stephen Coty says posting what you like to eat and where you like to go and what you like to do on social media can be dangerous.

"That allows me to craft very convincing emails to my potential victims; playing to what I know they're interested in because I've been monitoring their social media."

Coty says hackers around the globe are trying to take advantage of your good nature.

"By nature people want to help. It's like that person that follows you in the door of your building, you see he has a badge -- you don't really look at the badge -- but you want to be helpful and just hold the door for him so he can get in; that's the best way to get into a place."

When we think of hackers we think of the Russians and the Chinese but Coty says a new trend is small countries hiring hackers to come in and do their dirty work. He says hackers might love getting a high paying job in a third world country and the country improves itself without needing an expensive military.

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