Keep Your Trump Love or Hate to Yourself

Be careful talking about politics at work -- it can get you fired. A majority of executives told a survey employees should keep divisive political opinions to themselves.

Workplace culture expert Bobby Albert says he's never seen it this bad.

"In the past, when you talked about politics and even sports teams for example, people respected each other."

Now Albert says Trump haters and supporters seem more interested in hurting their opponents than arguing for a position.

"People are more worried about putting people down rather than lifting them up; they're more interested in the speck in your eye rather than the plank in my eye."

Albert says bosses need to take control and make sure teamwork is the most important thing in the office.

Albert says bosses probably shouldn't take too strong a stance, either.

"If they would just understand it's not only going to be a factor that's going to impact their employees but also their customers and their suppliers."

Albert says CEOs, for example the Starbucks chief, alienate too many customers when they focus on politics rather than customer service.

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