Cyber-Bullying Bill Moving Forward

Texas lawmakers could take floor votes soon on the bill called “David's Law,” legislation combatting cyberbullying. Michelle Witttenburg is an attorney for the David's Legacy Foundation

She says there's not much resistance to SB 179 and she's sure the concerns can be answered.

“The governor's office has voiced concern about a civil cause of action being in the bill,” Wittenburg acknowledges, “but, I think we are going to be able to do something that will satisfy the governor's interest in that regard.”

With only a month to go in the legislative session, a vote could come pretty soon.

“I would anticipate sometime this week in the Senate and before May 11 in the House,” she says.

David's Law still has to make it through the house calendar committee, but she expects a floor vote in the Texas House by May 11th.

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