There is Basically No Drought Right Now – Anywhere

These are wet days all over the country.  The U.S. Drought Monitor Report finds just 6.1% of the nation experiencing drought conditions. 

In the 17-year history of that report, the number has never been less than 7.6%.  

National Weather Service meteorologist Nikki Hathaway says there's no indicator things will change any time soon.

“Regression, I guess you can call it, in terms of where the dry areas were, has been receding, particularly here in the southeast quadrant,” Hathaway says.  “We actually have some dry conditions along the coast and they're switching a little bit more toward the northeast part of Texas.”

Scientists say the El Nino which ended last year may have started the wet weather trend.  In September 2012, when fires were burning all over Texas, 10 times as much U.S. land was listed as having drought conditions.

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