Sex Robotics Industry Going High Tech

Sex dolls used to be human shaped blow-up balloons that in a pinch might get you through a carpool lane.  Today, they’re your best friend.  “It’s not only for the sex.  It’s also for the companionship,” says Douglas Hines, whose company True Companion makes the life-size, interactive Roxxxy doll.  He says even when it comes to artificial companions variety is the spice of life.  Wild Wendy is his best seller.  “It allows people to let their hair down and enjoy her on a Friday night or Saturday.  There’s also S & M Susan, who is just that, and we also have Mature Martha.”

Today’s modern sex dolls have sex, laugh at all your jokes, never complain, have sex, compliment you endlessly and have sex.  And with each generation that is developed they look more and more, and act more and more, like real people.  Not only are cutting edge advancements in robotics making a big change in the sex doll industry, so is artificial intelligence.  Today’s “girls,” and all but 5% of customers are men looking for artificial women, move and talk.

The gold-standard of AI robotic sex toys is a prototype named Harmony being created in the lab of the already successful Real Doll sex doll manufacturer Abys Creations in Southern California.  She blinks, nods, smiles, remembers your birthday and your favorite food, and of course your personal predilections.  

 Someone you would, perhaps, date.  But don’t call her a cheap date.  “Our robot is $10,000, not a small amount of money, so it’s someone who has disposable income,” Hines says of his typical male client.  He says they are normal people who come from every walk of life.  “It’s people that are possibly between relationships.  People that are lonely, or are older, who  might want to keep it simple and not go to the bar scene.”

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