Liberals used to champion free speech

Conservative writer Ann Coulter cancelled a scheduled appearance at the University of California at Berkeley last week. It’s the latest in a culture war being waged by the left on those they don’t agree with.

Conservative columnist Rachel Alexander with The Stream told KTRH this is now typical of the uber-sensitive left, especially when they disagree with someone politically.

“The left has come up with all these new exceptions to free speech,” Alexander explained. “Especially if something sounds intolerant or disturbs some poor little snowflake.”

Alexander says this is not the way the left used to operate when it comes to free speech, not by a long shot.

“Liberals have really come around and done an 180. It seems like most people on the left are okay with some type of censorship,” Alexander stated.

Alexander says the left used to accuse the right of being against free speech. But now it seems to be liberals doing what they railed against years ago, and anything they can do to shut down those they disagree with they try to do. Alexander says Coulter wasn't the first speaker shut down, and she won't be the last.

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