Famed Houston Defense Attorney Richard “Racehorse” Haynes has died

Famed attorney Richard “Racehorse” Haynes has died.  Passing peacefully at 12:58 am today with his family by his side.  Recently celebrating his 90th birthday.  Had had been in declining health for the past several years. 

Haynes was one of the Country’s most famous criminal defense lawyers.  Known worldwide for his cross examinations and his skillful way with juries. 

Richard is survived by his daughter Ricki Haynes, son Blake Haynes, and son Slade Haynes.  Haynes is predeceased by his wife of over 60 years Naomi and his daughter Tracey.  He has numerous grandkids and greatgrand kids.

Over the course of a 50+ year career Richard represented some of the biggest cases in history:

State of Texas v. John Hill- The River Oaks surgeon accused of murdering his socialite wife Joan Robinson-Hill.  After the first trial ended in a hung jury Hill was murdered in the doorway of his River Oaks mansion.  The case was made the subject of a book and movie “Blood and Money”.

State of Texas v. Cullen Davis- Davis was the first Billionaire indicted for murder in the US.  Hayne’s successfully represented Davis in the murder trial after being accused of killing his ex-wife’s boyfriend and daughter.  The first trial ended in a miss-trial after the jury deadlocked and Davis was acquitted in the second trial.  Davis was then indicted for Solicitation of Capital Murder when he was accused of hiring a hitman to kill the judge presiding over his divorce.  In his third trip to through the justice system Davis was again acquitted.

State of Texas v. Pam Fielder- Fielder was accused of killing her husband who was a doctor and a wife abuser.  Feilder shot him when he arrived home from work and before he could take her to his dungeon where he regularly abused her in sadomasochism.  Feilder was charged with murder convicted and the case was reversed setting the law, for the first time in Texas, the battered women defense.  This defense is now embodied in the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure.

“Richard Haynes was my mentor, my friend and more importantly responsible for my career” said Chris Tritico.  “There is no better lawyer in the United States today and there never will be”.

“Richard was an inspiration and mentor to any criminal lawyer in Texas who ever drew a breath.  Those of us who had the experience of working with him are professionally blessed.  Every citizen of Texas owes him a tip of the hat to his legacy and his professionalism”.  Dan Cogdell

Services pending and will be announced.

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