What will the Texans do in tonight’s NFL Draft?

The Houston Texans are set to choose 25th in tonight’s first round of the NFL Draft, which takes place in Philadelphia. The question is two-fold; will they stay at No. 25 or will they try to move up?

Many observers expect the Texans to grab a quarterback if the one they desire is available with their first round pick. Jayson Braddock hosts ‘The Source’ on our sister station Sports Talk 790, and says he thinks they have their eye on two quarterbacks, Patrick Mahomes of Texas Tech and Deshaun Watson of Clemson.

“I also think they have a sweet spot that they are willing to move up into via trade,” Braddock told KTRH News.

And the team they might do business with, Braddock thinks, is a team they’ve worked with before in the draft; the Baltimore Ravens.

“I think Ozzie Newsome repays the favor now and allows the Texans to move and get their quarterback of the future. I think that guy, by a hair, is Deshaun Watson if he is still available at sixteen,” Braddock explained.

But what if they don’t get their quarterback of the future in this draft? Braddock says there are still quarterbacks out there on the free agent market.

“You’ve got Cutler and Kaepernick. You have demons with both of them. It just depends on which one you can settle on. I think that’s their insurance plan right now,” Braddock said.

Braddock thinks that if the Texans don’t find the quarterback they want on the board in tonight’s first round, they could grab an offensive lineman to shore up what at times was a weakness last season.

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