Feral Hog Poison on Hold for Texas

One possible tool in the statewide battle against feral hogs has been withdrawn by its maker. Texas A&M Extension Livestock Specialist Dr. Ron Gill says it's probably the right decision.

He says there were too many questions about the poison, Kaput.

“It appeared to be somewhat of a beneficial tool,” Gill says, “but we really don't know at this point in time.”

This is a losing battle now. The feral hog population is exploding at a rate rural Texans can't deal with.

“No,” he says, adding, “In fact we are losing in grand scale.”

In recent months, the hogs have been moving into more urban areas.

The battle isn’t going well, but it’s not over.

“We're looking for a different tool, I think,” Gill says. “We've been looking for a bait that would work for a long time, but they ran into the same issues and concerns with this one that (we've had) with every other bait we've had.”

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