DPS Employment Seminar Today

The Texas Department of Public Safety is holding a recruiting seminar this evening at the Sheraton Suites Houston in the Galleria area from 6-9 pm.  Sergeant Valerie Glasco says she was a single mother when she first answered the calls, and suggests it is a great, well-paying career choice for all professional women.  “It absolutely is a good paying job.  You can start off in the first year making $70,000,” she says.  After four years of service the pay jumps to $89k a year, with scheduled pay increases throughout a member’s career.

And it’s not only for women – Glasco quickly points out that the recruitment event is open to both genders and offers excellent opportunities for qualified candidates.  “We have a panel of female DPS officers in different capacities: Highway Patrol, Criminal Investigation and Texas Rangers.,” she adds.

Given the popularity of TV shows like CSI you’d think it might be intriguing for some people looking for a challenge, and Glasco says learning the basics of investigations is something everyone gets a taste of.  “You’re required to be a skilled investigator once you graduate from the academy,” she says.

The symposium is being held at the Sheraton Suites Houston, 2400 West Loop South.  The hotel is reducing the parking rate for attendees.

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