POLL: The Gender Wage Gap Starts with Education

You hear it all the time; women aren't paid the same as men for the same work. Whether this is true or not, women typically don't major in the same subjects as men in college and experts say this leads to pay gaps.

Texas certified education counselor Catherine Marrs says whatever your daughter’s major, make sure she gets a scholarship.

"Parents need to, number one, encourage their kids to perform well in high school. Merit scholarship aid is directly tied to grades and test scores; if students will perform well in high school they have a much better chance of getting money to pay for college."

Marrs says college is too late for a student to get serious about math and science; if your daughter hasn't shown an aptitude or interest in science as a child don't sweat it. Let her pursue her dream and if she does well in college, the money will follow.

"If girls come out of high school and they have not been focused on math and science, or it's not an area of interest to them, sending them to college to major in engineering or a STEM career is really a disservice because they won't necessarily be successful or happy."

Payscale.com says the highest paying Bachelor Degree by salary potential is petroleum engineering.

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