Tech is more important to apartment renters than you think

We always tell you how surveys show you like to keep plugged in. Well, here’s a new set of numbers showing just how important that is to you in the grand scheme of things.

The latest survey shows 34% of apartment renters rate Wi-Fi access as the most important feature for apartment living. 25% say high speed internet was number one. Real estate agent Kenya Burrell Van Wormer told KTRH there's one group more than any other this seems to be important to.

“We are starting to see that trend come to life especially with millennials. They are connected to the internet 24 hours a day,” she explained.


And she says this isn't a new trend; it's been going on for a little while.

“The high interest in making sure that broadband is Wi-Fi is accessible and available to them. We’ve seen this trend rise in the last two years,” she said.

Just 13% of the people polled by the research firm Precision sample say having a washer and dryer was the most important feature for living in an apartment.

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