Chronic Bronchitis Keeps President Bush in Hospital

Chronic bronchitis will keep former President George H.W. Bush in a Houston hospital for a few more days, doctors announced Tuesday afternoon.

The 41st president, who is 92 years old, has recovered from pneumonia that forced his second hospital stay this year -- but now is battling lesser respiratory issues. 

"He continues to deal with the effects of chronic bronchitis, which is a condition more prevalent with age," according to Dr. Clint Doerr, pulmonologist at Houston Methodist Hospital. "This means his airway has a constant, low-level of inflammation that can aggravate the symptoms of pneumonia. We continue to monitor his cough and breathing, and expect to discharge him by the end of the week."

Once the former president is home, "we will continue aggressive respiratory treatments to help minimize the effects of the chronic bronchitis," Doerr said.

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