POLL: Air Travel Improving (Only) for High-Paying Passengers

The commercial airliners of tomorrow are being designed right now. Unfortunately, the only improvements are headed for first-class seating. National Association of Airline Passengers Executive Director Douglas Kidd says his group would like to see Congress establish some minimum standards for comfort.

“We would like to see a minimum of 34 inches in legroom,” Kidd says, “and 18 inches in seat width.”

Taking steps like that might solve a lot of problems.

“The airlines would have less problem with air rage,” he says, “and it would be easier on flight attendants as well.”

Kidd says the airlines will make traveling easier for the people who pay more. Most travelers can't afford the amenities. Very little is being done for the people buying low-cost tickets.

“Obviously,” he says, “they are doing as little as they possibly can get away with and it's certainly not benefitting the passenger.”

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