Is Young, White America dying of despair?

A new study indicates that young, white Americans have been dying at a higher rate than we have seen in the past.

The Lancet did the study and concludes it might all be happening due to the death of the American Dream. From 1999 through 2014, the death rate among white women from 25-35 was up 3%; the death rate among white men was up around 2%.

“They feel left behind for a reason. Their wages have not increased the way that people with a college degree have. There’s also an opioid epidemic that’s been going on,” Houston economist Samuel Rines with Avalon Advisors explained.

Rines tells KTRH it's something that has him concerned.

“When you see these types of statistics, you really begin to break down part of the American economic story. It’s very disconcerting from an economic perspective,” Rines explained, adding that our prime age population is what drives economic activity.

And this report indicates that prime age population has been greatly impacted by what happened to our economy.

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