Fake hate crimes a growing problem since election

Ever since the election in November, there has been a string of fake hate crimes being reported across the country. Why is this happening?

Laird Wilcox is a writer that created a web site tracking these fake hate crimes. He told KTRH a lot of this is being done by those that are against President Donald Trump.

“There’s a powerful political minority, let’s put it that way, that is trying to link Trump with hate and one of the best ways to do that is to have an increase in hate crimes,” Wilcox explained.

Kevin Williamson with the National Review has also looked into this. He found the same thing Wilcox did; that these fake hate crimes are coming from those against the President.

“Some of it is partisan politics. There is a desire to invent crimes on the part of one’s political opponents because they are easier to talk about than policy differences,” Williamson told KTRH News.

Williamson, while investigating this, found that the mainstream media seems to ignore it when it turns out these hate crimes are actually nothing more than fakes.

“There’s certainly a lot of that. The second part of the story often gets under-reported, and for reasons of obvious media bias,” Williamson said.

But when the original crime is committed, Wilcox says the mainstream media blames the President and says he is the one actually causing these crimes to occur in the first place.

“When they turn out to be hoaxes, very often that’s buried in the news or not mentioned at all. Hoaxes are a huge embarrassment, so they’re not going to talk about them,” Wilcox said.

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