Specialized Youth Sports May be Harmful

Trying to be winners at a single sport can make a young athlete a loser in the long run. They miss the joy previous generations experienced when they played for fun.

Former NFL standout and Sports Talk 790 host N.D. Kalu says there can be a downside to all the drills the kids go through.

“There are so focused on these drills,” Kalu says, “a lot of these young kids are becoming great at drills, but they're not great at the sport they're trying to be great at, because they don't just play it like we played.”

The camps are super-focused.

“The camp is so structured,” he says. “There is the intensity and I don't feel that they get to enjoy it the way we did when we were young.”

Kalu says he sends his son to sports camps and he works out with him, but he sees the workout as father-son time. He wants to support his son, but not push him.

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