Poll: Your confidence in the economy is slipping

A new poll shows there may be a drop when it comes to your confidence in the American economy. In fact it’s at its lowest point since November.

The new numbers come from Gallup; 33% of you say the economy is good while 22% of you rate it as poor. 45% say it's getting better with 48% say it's getting worse. Lone Star College economist Hank Lewis has trouble with these numbers, because it comes from a poll.

“The official numbers come out of the Conference Board, and those say something different,” Lewis said. “They seem to indicate that our confidence is at its highest point since 2004.”

So that's what we know in terms of confidence, but what is the state of our economy?

“I can say the economy is healthier than it was four years ago. We have reached the end of the recovery and are in the early stages of expansion,” Lewis explained.

Lewis isn’t sure we are in for a robust expansion, but he does say the economy is healthier than it was during the Obama years.

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