Bush 41 to Remain in Houston Hospital This Weekend

Former President George H.W. Bush will remain in the hospital this weekend.

That’s the word Friday from Bush family spokesman Jim McGrath, who says Bush is feeling “terrific.”

In the meantime, the 92-year former president has had a stream of visits form family, including former President George W. Bush.

The elder Bush has been at Methodist Hospital in Houston since Good Friday. He has been battling what has been described as a mild case of pneumonia.

"President Bush feels terrific, and is buoyed by regular visits from his family and phone calls with friends such as VP Dan Quayle today," McGrath tweeted Friday.

“With the Bushes leaving for Maine soon, doctors … will hold 41 through the weekend to ensure a fully clean bill of health,” McGrath said.

This is Bush’s second hospitalization this year.

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