AAA: Interest in Electric, Hybrids Growing

Tesla's SUV tops AAA's annual list of best electric and hybrid vehicles as the auto club says interest in fuel-efficient vehicles continues to grow.

Whether it’s the Chevy Bolt, Volkswagen e-Golf or Ford F-150 hybrid, Sara Schimmer at AAA Texas says Americans -- especially millennials -- are showing more interest in electric and hybrid vehicles.

“Thirty-million Americans considering buying an electric hybrid as their next car, that's definitely a demographic and a marke that's growing,” says Schimmer. 

“Millennials are more accepting of electric vehicles, nearly one-in-five are interested in going electric for their next car,” she says.  “The market is definitely responding to the interest in electric and fuel-efficient vehicles.”

However, Bill Wolters at the Texas Automobile Dealers Association says that interest, so far hasn't translated into sales.

“The 75,000 exclusive electric vehicles sold last year represent less than one-half of one percent of all the new vehicles registered in the country,” he says.

The limited range of electric vehicles continues to be an issue for consumers, with the best still hovering in the mid-200 mile range before rechaging.

“Other than your house, finding a charging station is a real problem, and until the infrastructure is ready, this is just not a big issue, especially in the metro areas of Texas,” says 'Car Pro' Jerry Reynolds.

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