Activists say We're being Lied to about Gun Rights

Gun rights activists say it’s offensive to have to beg politicians for their rights. A modified Constitutional Carry bill is out of a State House committee, but its future before the full House is not clear.

David Amad of Open Carry Texas says the State Legislature is a clown show that doesn't care about your rights.

"It's the worst game of high school clique crap you've ever seen in your life."

Amad says groups like the NRA are secretly opposed to Constitutional Carry.

"Every pro-gun group should be working to put itself out of business by solving the problem; well they're not doing that, not at all."

Amad says every democrat and almost every republican in the Texas Legislature is opposed to gun rights, but won't admit it.

"You think that these folks go up there and they have honest, mature discussions about the issues and they try to come to the right conclusion and everybody's trying to do what they believe is right -- and that's not how it works. Everybody's trying to do what they think will get people to contribute to their next re-election fund."

A Constitutional Carry bill has made it out of a committee, but Amad says it'll probably be killed before the full House.

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