Trump signs ‘Buy American Hire American’ order; local groups react

President Trump followed through on another one of his campaign promises on Tuesday, signing a ‘Buy American Hire American’ executive order.

For the most part, Texas business groups support what the President did. Jeff Mosley is the CEO of the Texas Association of Business, and told KTRH he supports what Trump did, but has one concern.

“We do have some concerns about limiting the H-1B visa program. Our members depend heavily on skilled workers. The workforce development is not keeping up with their demand for skilled growth,” Mosley explained.

Houston entrepreneur and restauranteur Brad Bailey says that this is the kind of order that makes sense for him and other Texas business owners.

“People want to keep our money here and make sure that we take care of our people first before bringing in immigrants,” Bailey explained.

Bailey says it's all about valuing the American worker first, and only if they are not available, that's when you look at the guest worker program, especially for tech jobs and skilled labor.

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