Patrol Agents, Others Critical of Border Security

A report from Breitbart News says there's a 40-mile stretch of the U.S. border that goes unpatrolled -- on purpose.

Agents on the ground say President Trump's directive on tougher border security is being defied – and critics in the report blame stubborn Obama-holdover management.

William Gheen of the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC says it's time for bureaucrats to follow up on tougher enforcement promises that helped get Trump elected.

Critics say holes in enforcement boost the risk of corruption, particularly along the southern border.

Gheen tells NewsRadio 740 KTRH he’s particularly concerned about threats from cartels.

Breitbart Texas reports that one Border Patrol manager has effectively left 40 of the 60 miles of border in his care without any patrols.

The Breitbart report also quotes border patrol agents who blame Obama-era policies for the problem and claim there's corruption within upper management.

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