Most Tourist Spots are Pretty Safe

Americans planning their summer vacations could change their plans when they hear about last weekend's shooting in Acapulco. Two people were killed in the resort city, while six were injured.

Houston travel agent Linda de Sosa of Woodlake Travel says more popular destinations like Cancun and Cabo San Lucas may be safer than your home.

“Eighteen-thousand people that die per year from accidents in their home,” she says, “and also you are more like to be struck by lightning, here, than to be killed as a tourist.”

The last State Department travel warning for Mexico mentioned crime hot spots, but not the major vacation resorts. That was four months ago.

Sometimes the U.S. State Department overstates the threat, though no place is perfectly safe.

“The State Department has always made it sound like you're going to die the second to step foot in Mexico,” she says, “which is silly.”

Acapulco is no longer considered a major vacation area for Americans.

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