More Americans are suffering from stress and anxiety

Stress is something we all deal with at one point or another. But, new research has some concerned.

The new study shows 8.3 million of you, which translates to 3.4% of American adults, suffer from 'serious psychological distress.' Judith Weissman of the NYU Langone Medical Center was the lead researcher for this, and says a lot of this distress can be blamed on economics.

“The decrease in real income, such that people are seeing their lives as being less prosperous than those of their parents,” Weissman explained.

Weissman tells KTRH that sure, every one of us has to deal with some stress in life, but it seems it happens here more than anywhere else.

“They are not happening in Europe even though Europe has also seen a decline in real income. There is something specific about the way we live our lives in the United States that is not conducive to good mental health,” Weissman said.

Research in the past put the amount of people dealing with psychological distress at 3% or less.

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