Abbott Echoes State of the State in Houston

Governor Greg Abbott says a new resident moves to Houston every four minutes -- putting pressure on everything from local schools to roadways.

Speaking to the Greater Houston Partnership Tuesday, the governor said funding for roads remains a top priority, but also investing in Texas students, the goal of his innovation academies and 60x30 plan.

“By the year 2030, we want to have 60 percent of young adults with at least a two or four-year certificate,” Abbott said.

And he says his university research initiative is already paying off.

“Three of the best and brightest researchers in the United States of America decided the best place for them to move to and set up their research was to the outstanding University of Houston program right here in Houston, Texas.”

Abbott to make sure students have jobs coming out of college, his office continues to attract new companies to Texas – focusing especially on those outside the energy industry. 

“Our job is to get those employers here in sectors that are not tied to the energy sector so we will not suffer from the ups and downs of the price of oil,” the governor said.

However, Abbott says cuts to both taxes and regulations are needed to make it happen.

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