A Surprise finding about CEOs

If your idea of a successful CEO is a big, blustery type-A personality -- like Donald Trump -- think again. New research shows the best CEOs may be considered introverts.

Houston psychologist Dr. Debbie Grammas says most of us think of an introvert as a recluse.

"You can actually have a social introvert."

Dr. Grammas says extrovert CEOs could be at a disadvantage because they try to please others with their decisions.

"Maybe they want everybody to like them and give the most popular answer whereas a lot of times the most popular answer isn't always the best answer."

The study's authors concluded the most successful CEOs are the ones who make the quickest decisions.

"Part of being an introvert is it's easier to kind of block out the noise, if you want to call it that, and really focus on the issues. So, it could be that they could get to the facts quicker and be able to make a decision; and maybe they have more resilience in the face of adversity."

The study is known as the CEO Genome Project.

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