Allergy Sufferers – It Could be Worse

Your eyes may be watering and your nose running, but Houston-area allergy experts say things aren't that bad right now. Houston Health Department spokesperson Kathy Barton says all measurements of pollen and mold spores are in the low to medium range.

“Pollen looks pretty good,” she says. “We are the medium range for tree pollen and mold spores, and the low range for weed and grass pollens.”

There are specific allergens which cause problems in this part of the country.

“Tree pollen, pines, grass mold, ragweed,” Barton says. “In central Texas, I think they're a little more bothered by cedar.”

Your discomfort isn't tied as closely to seasons as it is to other considerations -- like rainfall. That can bring on some trouble for allergy sufferers.

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