A more Accurate Life Expectancy is just around the Corner

Someday soon we may be able to predict your life span by looking at just a drop of your blood. Researchers at Boston University say they're close.

Kelsey-Seybold's Dr. Richard Harris says we can measure molecules found in the blood stream with greater precision.

"We're actively trying to find markers that predict your rates of cancer or developing kidney disease or heart attacks all through non-invasive mechanisms like blood."

Dr. Harris says when those markers are found, patients can focus on diet and exercise changes needed to battle whatever problem is found.

"If I find that, say, a marker panel says you're at a high risk for cardiovascular disease then it's really important that you start exercising, eating healthy, avoiding tobacco, alcohol -- things we know are dangerous and bad for you."

Dr. Harris says the hope is that genetic markers can be correlated with age to narrow down what is now a pretty generic guess about life expectancy; 76 for men, 81 for women.

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