There’s a cancer spreading on college campuses

Back in the 1940’s and 1950’s colleges required professors to sign statements saying they were loyal to the United States government. Something similar but different is happening today.

These days professors are mandated to write diversity statements as part of the hiring process. Spencer Brown with the Young America's Foundation told KTRH the schools are being hypocritical.

“The real concerning thing for conservatives is these colleges claim they are committed to diversity, but the one kind of diversity they are really missing is intellectual diversity. They don’t allow a lot of opportunities for conservatives,” Brown explained.

Especially when that diversity would include those on the right. Some call this a cancer that's eating away at colleges, and Brown doesn't necessarily disagree.

“Professors are liberal. The administrators are liberal. Because of those students Brown stated.

That is especially true when conservative students are denied funding and venues when they want to bring in conservative speakers for on campus events.

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