Millennials are Happier Than We Are

No matter what you've been told, millennials are not really miserable. They take a lot of criticism, says one group of experts, because they are happier than we are.

We – meaning baby boomers and Generation X -- had a harder time making friends, says Scott Hesss of TRUGlobal. They have Facebook.

“These guys can look around, check your pictures out, then see who you're friends with and then explicitly ask and be answered immediately,” Hess says. “Our analysts tell us they have 200 friends on Facebook.”

We were always striving for a balance between work and play. Millennials don’t have to do that. “There's no difference,” he says. “I can wear my headphones at work because I'm on my iPhone with my boss at night.”

Millennials also aren't afraid of change and they don't have mortgages. Researchers say they are simply happier. That likely means we criticize them mostly because we're jealous.

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