How do you explain President Trump to a liberal?

If you’ve ever tried to explain President Trump to a liberal, there’s a good chance that explanation ended in an argument.

Longtime Trump supporter and GOP strategist Jeffrey Lord of CNN told KTRH that one of the reasons liberals can't handle the explanation is because Trump might not be all that different from them.

“One of the things that infuriates them is that at one point Trump probably thought of himself as a liberal. He still has liberal instincts, but he thinks them through with conservative ends. It drives these folks absolutely crazy,” Lord explained.

Ultimately, Lord says liberals still can't get over November 8th.

“It confounds them and infuriates them at the same time. They have a hard time coming to grips with the fact that they lost, and that they lost to him,” Lord said.

So in the end, you can try all you want to explain Trump to the left, but Lord says good luck in getting them to understand it all.

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