Forecast Suggests Men Face Tougher Job Hunt Ahead

Job prospects for the next decade suggest it's a woman's world – and men may have increasing tougher time finding a job.

In the next 10 years, occupations dominated by women are projected to grow at nearly twice the rate of jobs held mostly by men.

The jobs site Indeed researched Bureau of Labor Statistics data and found that such jobs as occupational therapy assistants, physical therapy assistants and nurse practitioners will grow at about a 40% rate, compared to an overall rate of 6.5% for all jobs.

In fact, nearly all of the fastest-growing jobs for women were healthcare-related.

Women hold 80 percent of those jobs now ... so analysts say it may mean men have a tougher time finding a job.

Experts point out, though, that healthcare jobs were never intended to be gender-specific, and can't be in the future workforce. There's also job growth expected in other fields, even if at a less spectacular rate.

Other careers expected to see the biggest gain include personal finance advisers, web developers, and biomedical engineers.

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